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Notch notch notch everywhere!

2016 is the year of 4GB RAM, 2017 is the year of dual cameras and high screen to body ratio. These previous additions are generally well-received, unlike the very controversial 2018 'notch design' seen everywhere now.

Notch should be the most-heard term in 2018 cuz each phone is classified into either yes-notch and no-notch. The most accepted definition of a notch design is that the upper left and right area contain no bezels, while the middle contains a long region of bezel to house the essentials like front camera, sensors, and earpiece.

Whether the notch is beautiful or not is solely a question of personal preference. An objective, undeniable fact is that the notch DOES, to a certain extent, make the screen to body ratio more impressive.
Let's take a look at the pioneers and variations of the notch and how they affect the front panel of the phone. 

The 'founder' of the notch design should be the Essential Phone and the Sharp S2 announced in early 2017. 

These two don…