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The emergence of Xiaomi and its way forward?

Unlike Samsung and Apple, Xiaomi does not have a well-established reputation and long history, nor any groundbreaking technologies to offer. Yet, this company totally changes the way the current smartphone market works. The most notable significance is the change in the budget smartphone sector (~US$100-250) brought by one of the production lines of Xiaomi -- Redmi series. From 2013 to 2016, the accumulated volume of sales of Redmi series surpassed 1.1 billion units, and Xiaomi even claims the Redmi series to be the "phone of the nationals". And this claim is somehow proper in some sense.

~Let's take a look at a basic SWOT analysis of Xiaomi so you can better understand this company~
SWOT Analysis:Strength:
- very well-known brand in Asia
- very famous for the high value for money yet acceptable build quality
- online platform is mature, most of its sales are done online without the need of a physical store
- diversification of risks by launching a very wide variety of other …

Quick overview of the 4 latest S835 flagship phones

2017 has passed almost half and flagships are moving the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (S835) era.
The following is a very quick overview of what we have now in the market regarding the top S835 phones (up till mid-May 2017).
{Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, Sony XZ Premium, Xiaomi Mi 6, HTC U11}

1. Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+
- jaw-dropping thin bezels 
- edge screens are Samsung's unique weapon
- easily regarded as one of the most beautiful Samsung phones 
- IP68 dust and water proof
- both main and selfie cameras are on the top list
- the new voice assistant Bixby is a glimpse to the future AI era

- various issues and complaints by users
- battery may not be able to sustain the phone for a long time given its 2K large display
- 6 GB RAM version is for China only
- screen is beautiful yet brittle, the Corning Glass 5 does not help much
- NO stereo speakers when ALL other 3 S835 phones and iPhone 7 have
- main camera does not have vigorous improvement over the S7 series
- the fingerprint sensor is very…