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Next Big Thing?

It's on the cards that smartphones are evolving as time goes by. Besides enhancement in CPU, GPU, ROM, RAM and camera performance from year to year, manufacturers sometimes add special features to make their phones stand out. E.g. 2016 is the dual-camera year, 2017 marks the start of thin bezels (high screen-to-body ratio). So, what will be the next innovative technologies?

(1) On screen fingerprint (95%)iPhone 5s can be considered the father of fingerprint sensor as android manufacturers all follow the footstep. Till now, very cheap budget phones like Moto E4, Xiaomi Redmi 4 are all equipped with fingerprint sensors.
So, the next big thing is probably an on-screen fingerprint reader because this can save a lot of space. Nowadays, there are three main fingerprint sensor positions, namely front (e.g. iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Moto, Huawei), rear (Samsung S8, Google, LG) and side (Sony). No matter which position, the sensor is very explicit. That's why on-screen fingerprint sensor is…