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Random Topic (1): the development of selfie camera (front camera)

Looking back at the days when the front camera was a mere 1.2 MP (VGA level) just a few years ago, it's hard to imagine how selfie cameras have improved by such a large extent (now 5MP with full HD video ability is the fundamental requirement). Manufacturers have been chasing after the resolution race. E.g. 5MP front shooter starts to appear in 2014 (HTC Desire 816 and HTC One M8 in Mar 2014).

Sony joined the race in mid 2014 by launching the Xperia C3 (5 MP also) with a front flashlight. HTC then topped the chart by the HTC Desire Eye. As its name implies, the 'Eye' is a 13MP CMOS sensor with dual flashlight and wide-angle lens. Soon, more flagship phones start off with a 5 MP sensor (Samsung ones, iPhone 6s) while some opt for higher resolution like LG (8 MP on LG G4, G5, 5+5 MP on LG V10)
as well as Sony (13 MP on its flagships)
. Vivo V5 plus (Jan 2017) even have a Dual 20 MP + 8 MP camera.

Some plans...

Every month, I will post a monthly smartphone buying guide, consisting of the following:
- Budget (handy)
- Budget (phablet)
- Mid-low range (handy)
- Mid-low range (phablet)
- Mid-high range (handy)
- Mid-high range (phablet)
- Flagship level (handy)
- Flagship level (phablet)
- Anticipation of the month
- Nostalgia series of the month
- New phones overview
- Random discussion topics

Stay tuned!!! :)

Hi everyone!!!

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